The Kids Make Salsa!




For today’s blog we have some info straight from teacher Andrea DeNure about the recent salsa-making activity with the produce from our NKE Arboretum gardens planted by the kids last spring:

We used tomatoes, peppers, parsley, and onions from our K-1-2 raised garden bed. Ahead of time, Sara Lubbers harvested them for us so they were ready to use. Half of our K-1-2 friends looked at some great vegetable and salsa books and worked on fun word searches, while the other half began prepping! Kiddos worked in small groups with an adult to halve tomatoes, chop up onions, pick apart parsley, and cut up peppers. They helped put everything into bowls and watched the magic happen when everything was dumped into the food processor to make our salsa! Our friends LOVED making salsa, and they did a great job of being clean when handling all of the food products and really stepping up to help!

We’ll eat and enjoy another day soon after the salsa has been chilled.


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