Fantastic Outdoor Ed News for the New Year

It was, indeed, a happy new year for the NKE: We started the year with fantastic momentum for our outdoor education efforts at NKE. There are two distinct but related parts that we are excited to share.

First, we were awarded a grant for close to $5,500 from the Wisconsin-based Abbot Foundation (a foundation related to the family of a NKE staff member) to purchase our own hoop house—the same model as the one that has already proven to work well at Oregon Middle School. Having the hoop house will greatly expand not just our space for gardening but also our seasons. At OMS, one of the things they are able to do with their hoop house is grow food that served at their cafeteria salad bar, and we hope to do the same at NKE so our kids can eat their own fresh food!

Second, when school came back in session we got the news that we also had received a Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant for more than $4,200. We had applied for this grant with the intent of being able to outfit our incoming hoop house with all the supplies necessary to hit the ground running. So this spring we’ll be doing some serious shopping for greenhouse shelving, seed starting kits and irrigation supplies, as well as building new raised beds inside our hoop house.

If you’d like to volunteer or help with our gardening efforts in any way, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact Mr. Kluck at

P.S. Two reminders: You can follow our progress on Facebook at Also, please save your Bill’s Food Center receipts and turn them in at school! Bill’s donates 1% of the receipts we turn in to the NKE Arb, which really adds up.

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