Wish List

NatureArtTables-600All donors will be recognized in a permanent plaque to be installed at the entrance to the NKE Arboretum. Donors at the “Visionary” level ($1,000 and above) will also be recognized adjacent to the area or item funded.

Culinary Arts Outdoor Sink & Prep Area – $1,300
Help our students take the next step with their produce by preparing delicious fresh food… right in the Arboretum!

Resident Artist – $1,000
Continue a tradition already begun in the NKE Arboretum by sponsoring a resident artist. The artist will work with NKE students to create a one-of-a-kind permanent art piece for the NKE Arboretum Sculpture Garden area.

Flowering Shrubs – $500
Enhance the beauty of the NKE Arboretum by sponsoring the purchase of a selection of flowering bushes specifically chosen for providing year-round interest to the Arboretum.

Building Block Storage – $500
Provide a protected area for our collection of natural blocks.

Stone Bench – $400
Sponsorship of a beautiful stone bench will provide a spot for NKE Arboretum students to read, write, sketch, rest, or simply enjoy being outside.

Handicapped-Accessible Raised Garden – $250
Make gardening accessible to all students at our school with an elevated vegetable garden.

Weather Station – $160
Students will readily learn about our climate and more with a weather station easily accessible in the Arboretum.

Magnifying Glasses – $150
Allow NKE students to discover nature by providing enough magnifying glasses for an entire NKE class to explore at one time.

Spring Seeds and Plants – $100
Sponsor the purchase of all the seeds and seedlings necessary for NKE students to plant the vegetable garden each May.

Paint & Brushes for the Glass Painting Wall – $100
Art projects are instant and easy with our great glass painting wall—supply the paint so that students can experience it!

Clipboards – $70
Make learning in the Arboretum easier by sponsoring the purchase of enough clipboards for an entire class of students.

Material for 25 Sit-Upons – $50
Learning is easier with the comfy place to sit—provide the materials necessary for students to create sit-upons to use in the Arboretum.

Do you have these items at home that you could donate? We are always looking for these materials to use in the Arboretum:

  • Fun nature objects such as seashells, giant pinecones, gourds, etc.
  • Old metal pots and pans, grill grates, big spoons, etc., for use on the music wall and in the sand play area
  • Pruners, loppers, saws and other landscaping tools
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Kid-sized garden tools and gloves
  • Hose nozzles


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